Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Here is a non-comprehensive list of instances we have been grabbed in Uzbekistan:

1.  Grabbed by a businessman and his girlfriend at 3 am as they were passing by us on the street in Tashkent, and invited to an improbable breakfast of shashlyk and lagman as we waited for our train.  Here, by the way, were our cabin mates on the train:

2.  Grabbed by a drunk fellow named Zakero and pulled into an Uzbek wedding in Samarkand where Josh danced with two babushkas.

3.  Grabbed by a crowd of competing dudes as soon as we got off the share taxi in Bukhara, who gave us no choice but to take their bus back to Tashkent, even though it was not parked at the station and was full of sacks of textiles.

Just a tiny sampling of life in Uzbekistan so far.  More to come soon.

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